Our oldest vineyards are located at a height of around 200 metres above sea level and were planted around seventy years ago, in a soil in which planting was particularly difficult. At that time, all operations were manual and we can still remember our grandparents planting “wild” shoots in December, to protect them from frost so that the next year they would have budded and could be grafted with the Durella variety. The new vineyards were planted in 2018 in Cattignano,

one of the 15 macrozones, at a height of 520 metres above sea level, on a slope facing south-east to allow optimal exposure and temperature range.
For the future vineyards of our company, we will proceed with the planting of young vines, just as it was done in the past. Therefore, we will retrieve old rootstocks that can still be found in the forests of the Veronese hills, in vineyards abandoned even half a century ago, but which continue to sprout undeterred.


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The main characteristic of the land where Cantina Marcazzan is located is its volcanic origin, which with its very dark colour and typical acidity leads to extraordinary results. In fact, it is not uncommon to find lava flows that have been sculpting the soil for hundreds of years, creating true works of natural art. In the years of our winery’s birth, vineyards were not at all widespread ‘in the valley’, as the custom was to cultivate wheat. On the hillsides, on the other hand, it was customary to cultivate vines, mainly for family use. By that time, the only widespread vine was the durella.



It was not until the 60’s that grapevines began to be cultivated as a product for sale, so that it could bring income to families, such as ours. It was at that time that we started selling grapes to established wineries, in order to market and distribute a unique product. In the years that followed, although the volume of sales grew steadily, the tradition of making wine in cases, in the well-known ‘caneve’, was never lost. After this brief summary, made up of a history of passion handed down from generation to generation and from father to son, the current Cantina Marcazzan was born, which Fabio carries on with pride and passion, trying to bring a product of unique quality to your table.