Marcazzan Fabio’s winery is located in San Giovanni Ilarione, a small village in the foothills east of Verona. Descended from generations of winemakers, Marcazzan Fabio decided in 2016, at the age of 24, that the time had come to realise his dream. He started winemaking; starting from a conviction that has become the winery’s own philosophy: excellent wine is produced from excellent grapes and excellent processing and care of the grapes, while the latter are still in the vineyard.


Starting from these basic values, the Marcazzan Fabio winery is characterised by its method and raw material, the right combination of ‘Mother Earth’ and vineyards that are more than 50 years old. This type of production results in a lower yield but a considerable increase in grape quality. Our vineyards are rooted in a volcanic-basaltic soil, and it is this characteristic that gives our products a fragrance and aroma rich in tradition and history.


Through our products, we want you to enjoy the experience that has been passed down with love from generation to generation. “I work and believe a lot in what I do, in the products and in the quality that I am going to propose; this is why I am looking for people who believe in, appreciate and value my philosophy and who will support me in the realisation of this dream”.